BrickMesh - Real Brick Slip Tile Mosaic

BrickMesh Brick Slip Tile Mosaic

Simplifying Brick Slip Installation...

  • Interlocking brick wall mosaic sheets, available in a pleasing range of brick types.
  • Comprising both flat and corner formats, our BrickMesh offers very high speed installation!
  • Easy to handle. Suitable for the DIY installer.
  • Fixing adhesive, pointing mortar and installation accessories available in the Brick Slips Store.
  • Helping create a beautiful brick feature wall, in no time at all.


BrickMesh is fixed to the wall using a standard tile adhesive (Benferflex Rapido Grey recommended) applied using a notched trowel. Layout begins by fixing the corner mosaics, ensuring sheets are pressed firmly into position until the adhesive protrudes through the fiberglass mesh. Align and affix the flat mosaics by overlapping the exposed fiberglass mesh. Once all the mosaic sheets are fixed and the resultant surface has cured, pointing between the brick slips can be completed using an appropriate mortar compound. Stunning results achieved in no time!


Each BrickMesh flat mosaic sheet includes 12 brick slips and  covers 0.2m2, with 4 sheets provided in each carton. Each carton covers 0.8m2. 


Each BrickMesh corner mosaic sheet includes 4 brick slip corners, covering 0.3 linear metres. Each carton contains 4 corner mosaics, approx 1.2 linear metres.

BrickMesh Dimensions

BrickMesh Flat Mosaic Sheet Dimensions
BrickMesh Corner Mosaic Sheet Dimensions
BrickMesh in Kassandra Brick Slips

Supported Brick Types

Additional brick types available on request!

BrickMesh - Real Brick Slip Tile Mosaic System

BrickMesh is a quick and simple way to install a visually stunning internal facing brick feature wall using full size real brick slips. No need for fiddly spacers and painstaking alignment, installing BrickMesh saves on time and cost for both the professional and DIY installer alike.


Our system consists of cut brick slips pre-mounted to a strong alkaline resistant fiberglass mesh backing, to form a sturdy mosaic of interlocking brick wall panels. The BrickMesh system provides both flat and corner format mosaics in a selection of brick slip types.


Quite simply the easiest to use brick wall paneling system around. 





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  • Delivery in 5-8 days
BrickMesh Packaging

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