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Whether you call them Brick Tiles, Brick Veneer or Brick Slips, our Brick Slips deliver the exact look and feel of a conventional brick wall. A quick and cost effective way to create a visually stunning real brick feature wall. 


Given the multitude of brick types on the market we have carefully selected a range of bricks which we feel will meet your aesthetic needs and cut down your search. Browse the galleries on the pages of our Brick Slips Store, once you've decided on a brick type, select the required thin brick slip format along with any optional tracking system and accessories to aid your installation.


Important to know:

  • Hand cut brick slips are cut from full bricks offering a widest variety of both texture and colour.
  • Extruded brick slips are manufactured specifically for the brick slip market. They provide high dimensional control and strength.
  • Having the right tools for any job is key. Check out our accessories page for any items you may require. 
  • Typically 60 standard brick slips per square metre (m2) based on 215mm x 65mm brick slips with 10mm mortar gap.
  • Typically 14 brick slip corner pistols per linear metre, based 65mm high brick with 10mm mortar gap.
  • Suitable for internal or external applications.
  • Suitable for flooring applications - See Extruded Brick Slip gallery. 
  • Orders typically delivered within 3-5 working days. Contact us to check any options for earlier delivery, if required. 
  • Sample cost refunded on subsequent orders over 10 boxes of standard slips (5m2).
  • It is always recommended to choose your brick type having viewed physical samples as opposed to selecting via photographic images. 
  • Brick slips are fragile by  nature and it's common for a small quantity to experience cracking during transportation. When assessing the quantity required for your project, we advise ordering a 10% buffer quantity to account for this.