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Brick Bond Solutions specialise in providing cost saving brick cladding and stone cladding systems and services to Consumers, Architects, Designers and Construction Specialists.


A family-run business, we provide a carefully selected range of brick slips and accessories for purchase via our online Brick Slips Store. Offering everything you need for the installation of brick slips from a one stop shop. 


We incorporate our thin brick and stone material into a range of pre-fabricated lightweight cladding systems, minimising the burden of onsite build and assembly. Such systems include brick slip or stone slip panels for exterior facade cladding, mosaics of real brick tiles for interior brick wall cladding and custom designed lightweight brick feature infill panels for house builders wanting a ready to install eye-catching product detail.


We strive to deliver the end-to-end service, offering site plan take-offs, project management through specification, statement of work and delivery, CAD design plus a brick and stone sourcing and matching service. The end to end service from conception to final delivery. 


We have a close association with a professional cladding installation team which includes provision of brick tinting and cosmetic services.


We value an honest and open communication with our clients and will work with you to ensure the best possible solution for your money and project. 


Browse our pages for more information or give us a call on 01924 565885 to discuss your specific needs.

Brick Specials Heritage

Brick Bond Solutions expands upon the range of product offered by it's sister company, Brick Bond (Northern). Specialising in the manufacture of brick specials and brick arches for over 20 years, Brick Bond (Northern) has an industry wide reputation for exceptional quality and reliability of service.


If you require specialist cuts, pre-fabricated structural or lightweight arches, or cut and bonds to your bricks, stone or blocks, give them a call on 01924 266194.

Pre-fabricated Brick And Stone Wall Cladding Panels

Providing Rapid Application Of External Brick Facades Or Internal Brick Feature Walls

Services Include Site Take-off, CAD Design, Brick Sourcing & Matching

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Bespoke Brick Slip Clad Panels
Brick Slip Tracking System Installation
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