How To Install Brick Fireplace Chamber Panels

How To Install Brick Fireplace Chamber Panels

Simplifying Fireplace Chamber Installation...

The fireplace is typically the centre piece of the living room, be it intended for a focal display point or a fully functional heat source for your home. Whichever it is, introducing a brick finish within the chamber will provide a real wow factor along with additional practical benefits. 


Adopting our Brick Fireplace Chamber Panels will save a huge amount of time in comparison with the installation of standard Brick Slips. They also offer the benefit of protecting the walls behind the chamber panels from the heat generated by the stove and radiate the stored heat with the chamber panels, into the room. A win win!

Typical Components Of A Fireplace Chamber Set

3 Piece Fireplace Chamber

A Fireplace Chamber Set typically consists of 3 panels, one back panel and two side panels. The panels consist of brick slips adhered to a Class A1 fire rated backing board. They are supplied pre-mortared, ready for installation. 


Overall thickness of the panels is approximately 30mm. 


Standard sizes are:

Back Panel 985mm high x 900mm wide

Side Panels 985mm high x 450mm wide


Panels can be easily cut down in size using an angle grinder, fitted with a suitable masonry blade, to accommodate smaller chamber openings. Larger panels can be supplied using our bespoke manufacturing service. 

3 Piece Fireplace Chamber with Side Returns

A Fireplace Chamber Set can be provided with returns on the side panels. The returns extend out along the front face of the chimney breast to provide a solid brick appearance. 



3 Piece Fireplace Chamber with Extended Side Returns

Side panels can also be provided with extended returns. The return typically extends to the full length of a brick, although we have received requests and fulfilled orders supplying side panels with 2 - 3 brick length returns. 

4 Piece Fireplace Chamber with Side Returns and Arched Header

For extra effect, an Arched Header can be incorporate within the Fireplace Chamber Set. The Arched Header is an additional panel which spans across the top of the side panel returns and fits seamlessly within the overall design. 


Alternatively, the Header panel can be supplied with vertically mounted brick slips in Soldier Course format or traditionally mounted brick slips in Stretcher Bond format. 

3 Piece Fireplace Chamber in Herringbone pattern

If you're looking for a striking design statement, a Fireplace Chamber Set in Herringbone pattern is worth consideration. 


The key to a quality finish incorporating the Herringbone design is to ensure a seamless pattern flow between the back panel and side panels. We would therefore recommend having the Herringbone chamber panels produced to the size of your specific chamber opening, as opposed to cutting the panels down in size during installation.  Cutting down the width of the back panel to suit the chamber opening size will disrupt the pattern flow designed in during the manufacture of the panel set. Feel free to contact us with your specific size requirements. 



Installation Process for Fireplace Chamber Panels


Working with any pre-existing fireplace opening is prone to creating mess, so firstly ensure any nearby floor areas and furniture are covered with dust sheets. 


Remove any loose debris from the inside of the fireplace chamber and vacuum out any remaining soot residue. This will help minimise the risk of soot smearing on the fireplace chamber panels during installation. Ensure the chamber walls are as stable and flat as possible. 


Ensure the chamber floor has a flat hearth or screed. 


Measure the height, width and depth on the fireplace chamber opening (do it twice, just to be on the safe side). 


Transfer the height and width of the chamber opening to the back panel of the fireplace chamber set. Cut the back panel to the appropriate size using an angle grinder. Ensure appropriate PPE is adopted. I.e. gloves, protective glasses, ear defenders, dust mask, etc. We recommend cutting the panels outside with the back of the Fireplace Chamber Panel laid flat on a board. Mark up on the face of the brick, cut into the brick face and through the back board. Cut straight and avoid any unnecessary twisting on the blade. 


Next, transfer the height and depth of the chamber opening to the side panels of the fireplace chamber. Be sure to deduct the thickness of the back panel from this measurement. Cut the side panels as per the method above. 


Remove any dust residue from the fireplace chamber panels by dusting off with a dry rag. 


Offer up the back panel into the fireplace chamber opening, ensuring it is centred and held vertically against the back wall of the fireplace chamber. We recommend mechanically screw fixing the panel in place at points within the mortar joints (we provide a bag of matching dry mix mortar to fill any screw holes). Alternatively panels can be adhered in place using a suitable high temperature adhesive. 


Now locate the side panels into position and fix accordingly. 


Fill any screw holes and joints between the back and side panels using the dry mix mortar provided. 


Your fireplace chamber is now ready for the installation of your stove and finishing design elements.