Bat Boxes

Brick Clad Bat Box

We are proud to introduce our range of eco friendly brick clad bat boxes. Produced in a rough aggregate block, incorporating chambers providing suitable artificial accommodation for a variety of bat species. For use within new build or refurbishment developments.


Each box adopts a plinth brick at the base producing an entry and exit point. The plinth and the box exterior can be produced in any brick type to suit your project needs, intended to be built into surrounding brick work, ensuring a subtle integration into a buildings facade. They are typically supplied un-pointed, enabling use of a matching mortar as adopted on other areas of the building.


Boxes are sealed during manufacture preventing human access once installed. 

Produced in brick types to suit your project

Internal Chamber Layout

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Brick Clad Bat Box

Large solid bat box made from insulating concrete block incorporating roost spaces for a variety of bat species. 


  • Material: Concrete block with facing brick
  • Dimensions: 215mm (width) x 440mm (height) x 102mm (depth)
  • Weight: approx. 14kg


Typically ships within 10 days of ordering.


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  • 14 kg
  • In Stock
  • Delivery in 5-8 days

Useful Information



Positioning of your bat box is key to successful habitation.


Where possible ensure installation in an area of your dwelling which receives high amounts of sunlight (Southerly aspects). Bats like a warm environment for rearing their young. Bat boxes work best when exposed to within 6 to 8 hours of direct sunlight per day. If only partial sunlight is available, morning sun is preferable to evening sun. 


Avoid positioning directly over doors, windows or climbing plants to minimise interruption from possible predators. The ideal location is in the gable aspect of the house, under eaves, 6 to 8 metres high.