Options For Your Dream Brick Slip Splashback

Brick Slip Kitchen Backsplash

Whether installing a new kitchen, or refurbishing and existing one, the finishing touches you choose can transform a nice design into an amazing design. Adopting brick slips into kitchen splashbacks is the perfect solution, whether you're after an industrial feel, a charming rustic feel, or a more contemporary modern feel. With the range of brick slip types available, there's a finish that will exceed your aesthetic expectations. 


Installing brick slips into your kitchen needn't be difficult or time consuming. Indeed, certainly no more difficult that adopting conventional tiles. Brick slips are much more easy to cut than conventional tiles and using the right tools will ease the installation. 


There are also products available that will speed installation further, delivering your dream brick slip splashback installation in no time at all. 

Standard Brick Slip Installation

Using brick slips, typically cut to a thickness of 20mm from genuine bricks can be installed in the same way as installing genuine tiles. 


Apply tile adhesive to the existing wall using a notched trowel, affix the brick slips and use 10mm spacers to separate them from each other to create the perfect mortar gap.


TIP! Ensure the cut face of the brick slips is free from dust prior to application. Simply dust down with a rag. 


Once the adhesive has cured, fill the mortar joints with mortar in a colour of your choice. Use a mortar injection gun or pointing bag for speed of application and strike off the mortar using a brick jointer for best results. Four mortar colours are available in our Brick Slips Store, along with all the other tools required to complete the job. 

Ultra Thin Brick Slips

Ultra Thin Brick Slips

If space is a premium and you're concerned the typical thickness of a 20mm brick slip encroaches on available work space area, adopting an ultra thin brick slip could be the answer. Cut at only 10mm thick, the same cosmetic results can be achieved at a fraction of the depth. 


Installation process is the same as with conventional brick slips, only take extra care when handling due to the slightly more fragile nature. 

BrickMesh - Real Brick Tile Mosaic

BrickMesh Real Brick Tile Mosaic

A more rapid application of your real brick splashback can be achieved using our BrickMesh tile mosiac sheets.  Available in flat or corner format, installation time can be reduced by up to a half in comparison with standard brick slip installation. 

Pre-pointed Brick Boards

Real Brick Splashbacks

For ultimate speed of brick splashback installation, consider adopting our ever popular fireplace chamber panels within your splashback feature. Panels come pre-pointed and can be custom made to fit the area required. Multiple bonding patterns also available and panels can be created as sectional pieces for larger areas.


Simply screw fix the panels into position and fill in the fixing points with the mortar provided. 

Sectional Brick Splashback Panel

Sealing and Cleaning

For the application of a splashback, by it's very name the area is likely to be exposed to splashes from water, cooking fats and sauces. For this very reason it's advisable to protect the brick slip splashback with a sealant such as our Interior Brick and Dust Sealer. Applying one or two coats post installation will provide a suface barrier and protection against stains. 


As bricks typically offer a textured finish, this can lead to a build up of dust and stains over time. To ensure your brick slip splashback is kept clean and fresh, lightly wipe over with a warm water soap and salt mixture.