Ultra Thin 10mm Brick Slip Tiles

10mm Thick Brick Slips

If space is an absolute premium, yet you still desire an authentic brick finish to your feature wall, we offer specific brick types cut to a thickness of only 10mm thick. 


Our 10mm brick slips are available in boxes of 60 covering 1m2 for standard slips or 28 covering 2 linear m for brick slip corner pistols. These are priced slightly higher than the equivalent brick type cut in the standard thickness of 20mm due to the higher possibility of breakages during the cutting process. Savings are however encountered in shipping costs due to the lower product weight of the brick slips and accompanying materials used during installation. 


Ensure extra care during handling and installation to minimise the possibility of breakages.


Remember - brick slips are fragile by nature and it's common for a small quantity to experience cracking during transportation. When assessing the quantity required for your project, we advise ordering a 10% buffer quantity to account for this. 

Brick Slip Formats Available

Brick Slip Formats

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Click the images above to select the required brick slip tile format and proceed with your order. Samples available.

Ultra Thin Hampton Rural Blend Brick Slips
Ultra Thin Hampton Rural Blend Brick Slips

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