Buff Brick Fireplace Chamber Panels - Pattern Options

Considerations On The Brick Pattern For Your Fireplace Chamber Panels

Buff brick fireplace chamber panels in Herringbone pattern
Decorative room theme in Herringbone pattern

Maybe you're upgrading an old fireplace to incorporate a wood fired stove and want to knit in with the current decorative elements of your room. Maybe you're refurbishing and redecorating your room based around your newly installed log burner centrepiece. Whichever it is, there are certain things to consider when selecting the brick pattern for your fireplace chamber panels that surround and complement your stove. 

Buff Brick Fireplace Panels

Herringbone Fireplace Panels in London Weathered Yellow
Herringbone Chamber Panels in London Weathered Yellow

Selecting a buff brick colour for the stove chamber panels is a popular choice. As you can see in this example it blends very well with the widely adopted limestone based hearths and fire surrounds promoted throughout the UK.


We have a number of buff brick options but the most popular by far is our London Weathered Yellow brick type.  


But what about the brick pattern?


As you can see in the adjacent image and the image above, the herringbone pattern has been adopted with the intention of extending the herringbone pattern throughout the room, providing an elegant almost opulent theme. 

Stretcher Bond Pattern

London Weathered Yellow (Buff) Fireplace Chamber Panels

Adopting Front Returns on the side panels of the fireplace chamber set provides the visual effect of support for a beam mantel located above the fireplace chamber.  


It's therefore sensible that the back panel would adopt the same stretcher bond pattern for consistency. 

Knightsbridge Buff Multi Fireplace Chamber with Extended Side Returns

Side returns can also be a useful way to fill any gap between the chamber opening and fire surround. 


Again, adopting the stretcher bond pattern on the back panel would provide consistency.

But What About Basket Weave Pattern?

Basket Weave Fireplace Chamber Set in London Weathered Yellow

Well, after several years of manufacturing the highest quality fireplace chamber lining products at our facility in West Yorkshire, supplying to fireplace showrooms and end consumers throughout the UK, we have just this week been requested and produced our first chamber set in the Basket Weave design. 


Remarkable we've never been asked for the Basket Weave design before as we've supplied thousands of chambers across Stretcher Bond, Herringbone and other bespoke design formats. 


As you can see it's a very pleasing result and will certainly help you to stand our from the Stretcher Bond and Herringbone crowd.