Insulated Brick Slip Tracking Panel (1.2m x 2.4m)

Brick Slip Tracking Panel - 18mm XPS (1.2m x 2.4m)

This tracking system is suitable for 63mm to 67mm brick slips.


Flame Retardant Insulated Brick Slip Tracking System is suitable for internal and external projects on various substrates including brick, block, timber frame/SIPS and ICF. Used to increase the speed of brick slip installation on larger scale projects. Applications include External Wall Insulation (EWI), refurbishments, modular buildings, leisure and park homes, conservatory wall panels, retail display walls and domestic feature walls.


The product is a 1mm thick sheet of recycled HIPS incorporating horizontal ribs for guiding brick slip placement, bonded to a panel of Flame Retardant XPS 400Kpa foam (FR CLASS E - Euroclass E to EN13501-1). It can be easily cut with a hand saw for shaping panels to project requirements and facilitating reveals. It is ideal for affixing directly onto masonry with a suitable contact adhesive and insulation panel fixings. 


Once fixed, brick slips are adhered using the gun applied foil pack adhesive available from our Brick Slips Store. When the adhesive is cured, brick slips can be pointed with a suitable pointing mortar, also available in our Brick Slips Store.  




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Cost Analysis Check

If ordering less than 3 of these 1.2m x 2.4m XPS backed tracking panels it is more cost effective to opt for the 1.2m x 0.75m version to save on associated shipping cost. This also avoids the need for fork truck or 2 person handball offload upon delivery. 

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Fixings Advice

Stainless Steel Mudguard Washer
Stainless Steel Mudguard Washer


Used to spread the load at the point of fastening. 


E.g. if fixing tracking panels to a wooden substrate, use M8 x 40mm diameter mudguard washer with an M5 stainless steel wood screw. Length of screw should be appropriate for the thickness of the tracking sheet/panel backing substrate. 

Stainless Steel Woodscrew
Stainless Steel Woodscrew


Used to affix the tracking panel to a wooden substrate.


Use in conjunction with a suitable stainless steel mudguard washer. E.g. if fixing to a timber substrate, use M5 wood screw with an M8 x 40mm stainless steel mudguard washer.

Countersunk Lightning Bolt
Countersunk Lightning Bolt


Used to affix the tracking panel to a concrete substrate.


Use in conjunction with a suitable stainless steel mudguard washer. E.g. if fixing to a concrete substrate, use M6 countersunk lightning bolt with an M10 x 40mm stainless steel mudguard washer.

Insulation Fixings
Insulation Fixings


Used to affix tracking panels to a block, brick or concrete substrate.


Ensure length selected is appropriate for the thickness of insulation adopted in the tracking panel. E.g. if 17.5mm XPS tracking panel adopted, use 10 x 90mm insulation fixing.


Washer diameter 60mm max.

36 fixings per 1200mm x 2400mm tracking panel recommended.




For advise on project specific fixing options call 07825 304998.