Fireplace Brick Slips

Fireplace brick slips in Retro Barn Stock perfect for around log burners
Retro Barn Stock Brick Slips Used Around Log Burner Chamber

All of our Fireplace Brick Slips are suitable for use around chimney breasts and within fireplace chamber and Log Burner openings. 


Each brick slip option is Class A1 Fire rated meaning they are non-combustible. 


The Fireplace is one of the main features of the home, so why not enhance to it's maximum potential with our carefully selected range of fireplace brick slips. 


Remember - brick slips are fragile by nature and it's common for a small quantity to experience cracking during transportation. When assessing the quantity required for your project, we advise ordering a 10% buffer quantity to account for this. 

Brick Slip Type and Format

Brick Slip Formats

Click the image of your preferred brick type below to see prices and select your required fireplace brick slip format. 

Simplify your installation by adopting our pre-made Fireplace Chamber Panels

Middleton Blend Fireplace Chamber
Fireplace chamber enhanced with Middleton Blend brick slips
Retro Barn Stock Fireplace Brick Slips
Fireplace chamber with Retro Barn Stock Brick Slips