Ceramix TC - High Temp Adhesive

Ceramix TC - High Temp Adhesive and Caulking Compound

Fortafix Ceramix TC caulking compound and adhesive is a highly engineered water based Thixotropic Ceramic Sealing Compound designed for use where heat resistance is an important requirement.


Commonly used to aid the installation of fireplace chamber lining panels and other wood burning stove components. It possesses good initial tack and resists the effects of heat to temperatures of 1250°C. It can be safely used as a fixing or jointing medium where resistance to the spread of flame or fire is a requirement and forms a strong rigid bond to high temperature resisting insulation materials and most inorganic surfaces. (i.e. insulating board, glass, metal and other construction materials)



  • 300ml cartridge
  • Exceptional technical performance
  • Formulated from high purity ceramic oxides
  • Forms a strong and high temperature resistant ridged bond to 1250°C.
  • Non-combustible, fire resistant, non-fuming.
  • Colour grey/white


  • 0.5 kg
  • Ships within 1-3 days
Ceramix TC Caulking Compound Technical Data Sheet
Technical datasheet outlining the features and properties of Ceramic TC.
Minkon Fortafix TC Caulking Compound rev
Adobe Acrobat Document 256.1 KB

Ceramix TC Caulking Compound Bead Length
Document outlining expected coverage of a 300ml cartridge.
Minkon Fortafix TC Caulking Compound - B
Adobe Acrobat Document 69.5 KB

Ceramic TC Caulking Compound Safety Data Sheet
Safety Datasheet for Ceramix TC.
Adobe Acrobat Document 28.5 KB

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